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tv   Headline News  RT  July 26, 2014 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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open minded connoisseurs of information regardless of the source i think we're all going to be. detained threatened kicked out of the country british journalist analogy contributor graham phillips recalls his ordeal after spending three days in captivity in ukraine. fresh on the shelling in the city of lugansk in the heart of resistance kills at least fifteen civilians as a residential area comes under heavy fire. human rights watch have to stop using unguided rockets which have already claimed near as innocent lives saying this could amount to war crimes plus.
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the number of palestinians killed in gaza reporting climbs to over a thousand as more bodies are pulled from rubble journey humanitarian truce which expires in four hours. but i welcome along to international we're coming to you live from moscow. british journalist graham phillips has been deported from ukraine and banned from entering the country for three years on the grounds that he's been working for a he's been held in captivity by the security services for three days after going missing while covering the conflict in the east and we now have the chance to speak live to graham he joins us from poland graham it's good to see that you are alive and well our team lost contact with you earlier this week we had no communication for three days just tell us what happened. i was taken by the ukrainian military
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scare poor tuesday night there was held in captivity by them i was put in a room next to an artillery position that they were firing heavily from that was being fired on i was kept in a cell or was detained along with another journalist for dean who was beaten in front of me i saw soldiers you know kick him in the face and then a soldier said if you can confirm my details and he couldn't guarantee that i was going to live i was blindfolded we were kept in a cell without water or toilet facilities and then we were separated i was interrogated i was interrogated all day i was called a terrorist i was told i had a russian passport i was a russian spy they were telling me all day that i had entered ukraine through ukraine and entered it through russia it's all completely completely falls through accusing me of working for terrorists all of these accusations and interrogations and then they took my computer they took my things and i've just go are just
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recently been released and i was on the train to warsaw coming from the polish border and i just recently discovered that the now all of my accounts are going to happen so i want to go to recount my e-mail account my you tube account which is obviously money in livelihood someone has deleted two thousand videos from every single account i have facebook contact the time that ukrainian forces have had my computer it was held by the s.p. you as well they've taken that they've stripped all the passwords are now basically been cyberattacks and i'm just fighting now to try and get my life back i mean being kicked out of the country of ukraine my car was taken by the ukrainian military my money was taken my bullet proof vest i've been deported from a country i own a flat in told i'm an enemy of the state when all i ever did there was report the news which report the truth and i've been told i've been obviously banned from for three years kicked out of the border. so basically you know my entire life has been has been taken apart i mean thankfully i'm alive and as you can see
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a effectively all right but i'm a little shell shocked by the whole experience i'm just trying to kind of get my bearings and get things back together after what was an ordeal. really was over three days that was then transferred to s.p. you in the persian further interrogations further accusations made and then taken to kiev and then put in a van and taken to the border told i was deported banned for three years and i mean you know i can't comprehend this obvious calls because the enemy of the state you know i was the journalist two years ago when every other journalist was saying don't come to ukraine for euro two thousand and twelve i was the one writing articles that you should come to crane defending ukraine praising ukraine you know now the ukraine that we have what can you say in praise of ukraine this is ukraine it's had a violent revolution install coup government which is instigated a civil war which is seeing hundreds perhaps thousands of civilians killed in eastern ukraine a country which has collapsed an economy which has collapsed i don't even know what ukraine is anymore to even be banned we were in the car and they were telling me
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that if the government changes then the ban my not be valid and of course the government dissolved as we were even traveling to the border coalition collapsed yesterday so it's hard to even know what ukraine is but whatever it is they tell me that i'm banned for three years and that was the only reason given is that i work for r.t. which they say is enemy enemy material which is an enemy agent and i defended myself at the border but i mean there was no representation given to me there is no opportunity to make my defense in any way that would have had any meaningful impact all i could do was say that i'm a journalist i've only ever reported the truth. on the everetts all the talk of the scene let's talk about the this is now the punishment have been persecuted and let's talk about what happened in terms of how you were treated during your time into captivity you say you had a number of your belongings and your possessions taken how you supporting yourself now what was taken and what are you doing to support yourself right now. well you know artie frankly if you have got my back you've come to me i mean i was placed i
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didn't even know where i was i wasn't allowed to contact anyone for that time i mean they were sending messages from my phone that message that you go r t saying all is fine i didn't i didn't send that message they were going through my messages asking me about every single message who sent this to you who is this person how do you know this person and then they've always they had my computer and they've stripped and they've taken all my passwords and it was it was one by one it was more of a contacted to begin with than it was my facebook and then i was on the trains have been offline and then i've come out of my email account it's been hacked and you know my you tube account which is you i mean you know what i do is videos and i put them up and i have two and a half thousand and they delete two thousand they hacked my twitter. ukraine propaganda my twitter account so you know i come out the other side you can see you know i haven't shaved for a lot of days i haven't i haven't showered i'm just trying to kind of get my life back together and i'm still being attacked i mean and i'm still i'm sure i'll bring
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my computer will be further attacks for the cyber attacks so i'm still under attack even though i'm out of ukraine and i'm just trying to keep on and get through this and i mean you know thankfully i mean obviously i'm alive in and ok dean was also released and he was beaten in front of me this is a this is a boy you know ukrainian soldiers got him on the ground they were kicking his face and i would say to them look stop stop and then they turned to me and said you know you're not english you're russian and then the soldiers you know they were finding out information about me online and they were saying you know why are you working with with russian television you know younger you don't understand you're not fighting russians in donetsk you're not fighting russia you're fighting people from the next ski and they were sent me know everyone there you know these are russian terrace i've just come from donetsk these are the next people who are defending themselves against an army which then it transpires the kiev government didn't even acknowledge that i was detained the army doesn't even report to them is even an army. you know who even knows in ukraine anymore all it is is is
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a catastrophe i just returned to work there literally the day before i was really pleased to be back with r.t. you've always been so supportive to me i was pleased to be back in the field and i still want to go back to work to get through this and you know thankfully i had the support my colleagues r.t. and a lot of people have sent me messages a lot of people have come to my bank so you know through this reporting get back to action you know this is this is obviously it's a hard time in ukraine you know i wish i could be there covering the real news covering the real story getting across with r.t. but what's happened is persecution i mean you know i was in kenya or if you go in kiev you got flags of the european union everywhere flying flags of the european union and what's happened this is persecution this is an infringement this is a direct violation of freedom of the press this is persecution of journalists this is an attack on freedom of speech this is a direct contravention of every single level on the so-called european values which ukraine seems to have so phatic lee embraced that you have flags flying everywhere in kiev for european union which ukraine is the absolute antithesis of at the
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moment deporting a journalist from the country for only ever reporting the news on the basis that he works for an enemy agent which is a news channel which is r.t. which is an objective news channel which is reported consistently quality coverage throughout the conflict in ukraine which are not there to report because i don't report ukrainian propaganda so if you don't report ukrainian propaganda then you deport from a country it doesn't matter that you're on a flight there doesn't matter that you have a life in that country deport you they ban you and that you know they take your car from you they take you at the minute of my bulletproof vest i was in a room that was on the shelling and they had my bulletproof vest and you know i've never seen i've never seen again you know the least the one thing they gave me my bank cards i've been able to withdraw my funds but you know i'm sure that i'm going to logon and find a bank account have been targeted because every single account that i have has been targeted so you know that's that's how things are at the moment but the. one thing is i want to get back to work i want to get back in the field and i want to get
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back to work thanks a lot for a port that everyone is giving me and show me and we'll get through this and keep on reporting. it's clearly been a difficult time we appreciate you coming on and we appreciate your time and your work and good luck with getting your life back in order graham phillips thank you very much for your time here on r.t. international thanks. so graham phillips has now been released by ukraine security services they say he was removed from the country in the interests of national security and territorial integrity but here is what the kiev authorities were saying at the time graham went missing as to his whereabouts they said they had no information they were also adamant the military does not detain reporters and on the contrary at work to create safe conditions for them he is the spokesman for the ukrainian security services at the time. you know are still there is no information on those were both were there is a drone two hundred ukrainian military don't journalists. well as we've heard was
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being questioned graham says he was threatened here's what he says as part of his conversation with a ukrainian security officer. so yes because our little plan design blown. out into this new years if you were thinking when you know what your role very near would be don't you can we deal. with them with. your mug no more because i thought the whole thing needed. to be a pretty you. or you thirdly new guy that you seem to think you're. going into with an easy thing to do anything to do what he. did. i still do need to continue reading the bible but in the film we need more input. while it's becoming increasingly dangerous for journalists to cover the
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events in eastern ukraine activists are sounding the alarm over reporters being killed or kidnapped and attacked there according to a survey published by the international news safety institute ukraine is now the most dangerous country in the world for journalists seven media workers have been killed this year more than anywhere else including iraq syria and pakistan as to why graham phillips might have been targeted in particular we asked legal expert alexander mccall this first question that he was working for me and eighty sir russian television station secondly that he was broadcast to me and so it was exactly an english speaking audience and so to try me so stereo because mr phillips is a very good journalist and was broadcasting things that the ukrainian authorities don't want the world to see and he was doing that as i said in english and that was obviously unacceptable to them so presumably they will be treating our journalists
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who work for other russian television stations or news media organizations in the same way i find it actually very worrying. well dutch police and investigators have arrived in eastern ukraine to examine the site of the crash of a malaysian airlines plane that came down last week killing all two hundred ninety eight people on board although they haven't reached the scene of the tragedy yet and these are pictures from the netherlands bodies of the victims have been arriving back in the country where the ill fated flight departed the flight recorders are currently being examined by experts in the u.k. and the dutch safety board which is leading the international investigation expects to release its initial findings by the end of next week kiev and the u.s. accuse local militia of shooting down the plane so i mean these were armed by russia moscow denies any involvement demands explanations from ukraine after releasing radar data that suggests a fighter jet was in the vicinity of flight m.h. seventeen at the time of the crash. or the first family of one of the victims of
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the tragedy has arrived at the crash site head to r.t. dot com for updates from the area as well as the crash investigation. at least fifteen civilians have been killed and up to sixty injured when the ukrainian army shelled one of the hubs of resistance please be warned that some of the videos were about to show quite graphic mortar shells landed in residential areas of the city of lugansk several civilians at this bus stop or among the victims blocks of flats a kindergarten and a school being used as a shelter were also hit in the attack is how one eyewitness described the calls go . wrong with it all. you just heard an awful. look like you would read further. if you don't perform or you discover you are on the other. the floor your work or the way you live the other people and you don't
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know what you are getting where you are going to look at those cute little girls. human rights watch says the ukrainian army may have committed a war crime when it killed sixteen civilians with unguided grad rockets and they don't yet. the group says the grad the system is just too inaccurate to be used on populated areas human rights watch is calling on both sides of the conflict to stop using this kind of weapon if they want to avoid civilian casualties one of the authors of the report says the ukrainian military should be called to account for killing civilians. neither side really seems to take enough precautions to make sure that civilians are not killed or. when. it's it is perceived and killed and that's why we saw in the pitofsky district
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that civilians were being killed by these kinds of rockets you were able to by looking at the creators looking at the direction from where the rockets were coming from looking at the. walls that were hit by these rockets so if it's if the rocket hits the western wall of the building it's coming from the west by doing that we were being we were able to establish where the attacks were coming from in for attacks they were coming from areas under the control of the ukrainian army so in four of these attacks in the nets which killed sixteen civilians we believe that the ukrainian army was responsible for those attacks we are calling a human rights watch is calling on both the ukrainian government and on separatist forces to immediately stop using grad rockets these kinds of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas and the ukrainian government should also investigate these cases
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where there are where there is reason to believe that ukrainian government forces were responsible for for the killing of civilians and both sides are denying the use of granite weapons or the use of these it's in. the car and it's quite clear and the cream should be next year and should stop the use of these weapons in populated areas or answer government forces a claim they can have used white phosphorous bombs during his latest shelling of done yet such qualms about the international law meanwhile says it has proof that kiev has used a controversial weapon on at least six different occasions russia's defense ministry most. it's a tax on the city of which used to be. he says there were a number of indicators which a characteristic of such as the temperature they. fell. i had the u.s. comes up with fresh accusations against russia's involvement in ukraine but still
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fails to present any evidence. information that had led to that effect many after the break we report on the mounting pressure on washington to back up its allegations with facts. you have a new. drama. furthermore restriction. down
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in the final. and the rest. will be. almost for my. since the start of the military operation in ukraine morale in the army appears to be waning soldiers wounded on the frontline said the commanders on the collecting them from one culture of reports dozens of wounded military were able to get out from encircled mines by and voices the soldiers claim that high ranking officers read accounts the front line and if they do they tried to leave as
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soon as possible preferably before dark. the. soup of. the with. the article in the fall or. if i fell asleep in the fall the would you. do both. millions of dollars have already been spent by kiev on its punitive action against those they call terrorists now while the countries and leadership they had ordered yes and another mobilization a round of its citizens into active armed forces the money stream to finance all that still seems to be dry announced he won't have the money to pay for a military operation after all because of the first salute to the army navy around seven hundred seventy five million dollars with just a week left before the first of august ski have a scrambling for support all that said punitive action in the east of the country
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but morale of the soldiers on the ground. could become a barrier for their peroration star get room on costs or have artsy done s.q. crane. in the past couple of hours russia's foreign ministry has released some harshly worded comments on the ukrainian crisis and slams washington claiming it as partial responsibility for the conflict and its grave consequences mosco also accuses the obama administration of relying on lies to implement its foreign policy meanwhile tens of thousands of people have been fleeing eastern ukraine amid the raging violence according to the united nations the number of refugees has doubled since two books has gone into if you can reports the u.s. doesn't believe those numbers. the u.n. says two hundred fifty thousand ukrainians have left their homes in eastern ukraine since the fighting began to say department had doubted the sources of the un's previous reports on ukrainian refugees and many russians from ukraine have family
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in russia some may be staying with them but neither ukrainian border guards or nor international organizations operating in the area have are boarded any large out of refugees to russia but now we do all that is possibly for the first time that there is a humanitarian crisis inside ukraine i can't confirm those numbers and quite frankly haven't seen that from a u.n. report so i'm happy to fact check that for you and see if we can confirm what we think the numbers are we know there's a humanitarian crisis here at the state department believes ukrainian military posts came under fire from the russian territory the spokesperson did not go into detail of where such information comes from. that artillery russian territory. military is going in yet even at your immediate military outpost but you are convinced you see no indication she's no indication that the opposite is true that there are some encouraging while the u.s. state department says no indication that they're watching territory comes under
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fire from witnesses who live near the border inside russia offer a different perspective. because of last minute. yes you know not just the you. know the thank you sean. you seem to be a new one with him but i must not bore you so you can't have our with the idea which was a bit are you with us would be a sense of so did i because it's a. good book to go with what i want to get them the truth for the most part the but the more. the u.s. is now saying that russia prepares to send powerful missile launchers into ukraine but again does not specify what evidence such allegation is based on i can't underline the information that had led to that assessment and we don't have specifics about what those systems might look like to outline when pressed on how officials can put out such allegations without backing them up with substantial evidence here's what she said it's not that i think. it's not
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a question. it's a question of whether you can you know we've put out a plain isn't when you put out information that we will continue to do so it's difficult and we're happy to put out as much as we can all that appears for the state department it's not so much about evidence but about trust but the fact of the matter is many journalists here do take the official word for it and the media is generally slanted against russia. in other news the deaths caused by israel's onslaught on gaza has reached a hiring milestone and there are now more than a thousand victims the number leapt up as bodies began being recovered from the rubble during the twelve hour humanitarian truce that is currently under way every previous cease fire has been broken. and. israel continued to batter gaza until the very last moments before hostilities were halted on saturday morning medics say time five killed nineteen members of
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a palestinian family just minutes before the truce started ten children were among the victims. there are now fears that hostilities will break out in the west bank which has been relatively calm in recent years and the palestinians. stones and firebombs at israeli police early on saturday the clashes left at least nine people dead meanwhile talks to secure a longer truce between israel and hamas are underway in paris porche new reports on the diplomatic peace efforts. in the moments immediately following the start of this truce hundreds of gazans poured into the streets they have been lining up in front of shops and banks and a.t.m.'s withdrawing cash and stock piling on food and other emergency supplies so certainly the the fear on the ground is that hostilities in this israeli ground operation will continue and continue for some time to come this is a u.n. brokered humanitarian truce the idea is to allow u.n. aid workers in and out of gaza they are bringing with them emergency supplies such
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as medicines for the hospitals that have practically run out it is also an opportunity to evacuate the injured and it's also a chance for people to believe they did well in addition to this twelve always humanitarian ceasefire there is a seven day truth that is in the pipeline this is something that has been posed by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry he was in talks in cairo on friday that israel has rejected a new version of this proposal as it currently stands what hamas is insisting on is that there was a total lifting of israel sees on the gaza strip but israel says if there is no way that it can agree to this and it also won't agree to any kind of preconditions a must is also asking people who were recently arrested to be released there is a meeting in paris attended by the foreign ministers of qatar and turkey who support a mass as well as high level delegations from bush and france and that need to meet is being brokered by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry coming up next in our boom bust why facebook
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shareholders certainly like the stock price this week stay with us. a friend of mine flew in from germany and he said that as he was leaving he looked in to do stand at the airport and on the front page of twelve german publications were basically titles like putin's missile destroys airplane alluding to the crash malaysian airplane that fell into the combat zone eastern ukraine this isn't just some fluke that my friend saw all these newspapers together the entire mainstream media has made the same bold speculations i think this is interesting for two reasons one the way that the mainstream press jumped onto the story with exactly the same headlines and exactly the same angles really makes me want to start believing in conspiracy theories especially when an investigation hadn't been conducted yet there wasn't any formal evidence yet but from fox to c.n.n.
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to medium sized german newspapers the speculation of who was at fault for the crash is identical and absolute and to the western media which feels justified to push for war with anyone who doesn't adopt western values have themselves completely forgotten just what those values are i thought in the glorious west everyone gets a fair trial with due process evidence and a conviction only after their guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt but when enemies of washington need to be demonized i guess all those principles just fly right out the door but that's just my opinion. we profit very large very attractive and now very globally recognize the source of oil for the world into the world's cheapest and best troy deposits have been going down we have to use more energy to get this energy
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industries grow like a cancer base where it's ten kilometers where. good old area is slated for the way that's her drinking water. that's our wildlife service search fisheries we can't stop this is the end game when it takes two tons of sand to make one barrel of oil you know here in the box and. that's for a. week you know ourselves. there i marinate this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up the rupert murdoch is consolidating his european pay t.v. assets and hopes of coming up with enough cash to buy.


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